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Did you know that anyone can grab these great domains including you?

It's like discovering huge piles of secret hidden treasure! You can register these expired domain names and use them for your own websites, or even sell these valuable names for a profit.

If you’ve already tried to locate some of these valuable expired domain names you know that it can be frustrating trying to guess what’s available. You can easily spend hours and still not come up with the names you were hoping for.

Now you can easily find this treasure trove of money-making expired domain names with a powerful new tool...

This new software contains a heavy hitting collection of professionally designed programs that allow you to quickly scan the Internet to locate valuable domain names that have expired, and lets you easily grab them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Here's an overview of the tools you get with DomainPower Pro…

Domain names generator:

This program will take a keyword you enter and instantly combine it with more than 1,400 prefixes and suffixes. and generate thousands of different domain names based in the words you want.

After all the domain names are generated, DomainPower Pro will create lists that sort out the generated names (high, mid and low profile) and instantly start checking the availability of each name you created. In a few short minutes you'll have in your hands a big list of domain names you can choose from.

DomainPower Pro web explorer:

Easily locate expired domain names while you surf the web! Simply run this application instead of your regular web browser... and surf the web as you usually do. DomainPower Pro runs in the background, actively checking each page you visit for links and related domain names and creating a list of domain names that are available for you to grab.

Finding valuable expired domain names just doesn't get any easier than this. You surf and explore the web every day... so why not leverage your surfing using this powerful tool?

Short domain checking tool:

Select this option with a click of your mouse and DomainPower Pro will instantly check the availability of any two, three and four letter domain names. If it finds any, it will alert you about it and let you register it with a mouse click!

Google & Yahoo expired domains search:

Type in a keyword or a search term related to your industry and select the number of results that should be checked for you. DomainPower Pro will then list the top websites in the Google and Yahoo results and check each domain for availability. Hit just one of these and you'll have a gold mine!

Dictionary-based domain creation tool:

A super-powerful tool that generates hundreds of domain names based on lists of words. We provide you with 31 different dictionaries and word lists to use, or you can create and use your own to generate even more domains. All you need to do is load a list of words (as a text file) and DomainPower Pro will check each word to see which ones are available to register.

Start today and watch your traffic counter explode with hits, or sell valuable domain names for a profit.

Think what this could do for your business - this really is an investment that you should make today, so you can start benefiting immediately from increased web traffic or increased revenue from sales of valuable domain names*.

You may have seen similar software for sale on the Internet, but don't be fooled by those other products. DomainPower Pro has more features and better performance than any other program available. Here is why DomainPower Pro is the best expired domain finder software available:

  • Capability:
    DomainPower Pro has so many features, it's like buying $500 worth of different software programs!
  • Performance:
    DomainPower Pro can check 25 domain names at the same time! You can literally find valuable expired domain names in minutes instead of hours doing it the manual way.
  • Security:
    DomainPower Pro automatically backs up everything as you work! So if you ever experience a power failure all of your key information is saved and waiting for you.

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